We have 3 wonderful services:

8:45, 10:30, & 5:00 PM

Each service offering 

childcare and 

Easter egg hunts

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are joining us for the first time, it's understandable you might have some questions. 
Let us put your mind at ease.

People come in all sorts of clothes, from shorts and flip flops to sports coats.

We have three parking lots. Our North parking lot is our largest and it is closest to the Sanctuary. Parents often like to park in the South parking lot because it is closest to the Children’s Ministry check in. Our East parking lot is smaller but is also well used.

Plan to come a few minutes early, and if we run out of parking spots, there is always street parking!

Our services are about an hour and fifteen minutes, give or take.

Our services begins with a countdown, followed by a few songs of worship. After worship, we give time to members and visitors to greet one another, people usually stand up and say hi to each other. This may be a little awkward, but everyone is so friendly, you’ll fit right in. When greeting time is over, announcements will begin. Check your bulletin for details of fun upcoming events. Pastor Rod or Pastor Dave will give the sermon, then the service will end with a few more worship songs. Once the service is over, we will help you find your way out to the front for some fun activities.

After the Morning Services we will have an Easter egg hunt out on our front lawn (west side). The children will be brought out and lined up with their bags on the concrete. The Children’s ministry volunteers will be leading them (or you are more than welcome to check them out prior to the service ending).

Our Children’s Ministry check in is outside of Room 24 and the Toddler room. Both rooms can be seen when in the courtyard. Look for the large signs on the wall or ask one of our ushers, security or anyone with a Calvary Ot badge.

Every Children’s Ministry volunteer is back ground checked and certified in CPR and first aid. We also have security through out the campus at all times.

Join us for the 5:00 service to enjoy a home cooked
Easter Family dinner with Ham, potatoes, and fixings

Let us know you're coming by filling out the simple form through this link:

But That's Not All!!

PALM SUNDAY:  April  14tH