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Sun, Feb 17, 2019
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Not a Jew. Not a man. Not even a godly woman! 'Come! See a man who told me everything I ever did! Could this be the Christ?'" Jn 4:29 That dear Samaritan woman! Who would have thought that she, of all people, would be history's first 'evangelist'! But she was! No sooner had she found Christ herself than she was telling the whole city about Him! What an example for us today! We should all be doing what she did that day!
Sun, Sep 16, 2018
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"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Jn 1: 5 John's Gospel is all about Truth. He mentions the concept 23 times (and 20 more times in his epistles). There's a reason for that: John knew he was writing to a world that was caught in the grip of a lie! And that makes his writings so relevant today, because our generation is still caught in the grip! An Introduction to the Gospel of John. Message by Pastor Rod Schorr, Calvary Chapel Old Towne, Orange, CA Beginning of his series on the Gospel of John: Truth for a World in the Grip of a Lie