His Intense Desire to Rescue!


Most people speak very highly of Queen Victoria, of course. She is, after all, one of the great figures in the history of western civilization. But, frankly, I'm more impressed with Alice.

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Our 'Jerusalem'...Our 'End of the Earth'

I've been thinking quite a lot, recently, about our Savior's final instructions to us all. Remember what He said, right before His great departure: His ascension?
     "...you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth." Acts 1:8

We worship a Savior who "loves the world", so much in fact that He died to rescue it.

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The Choices that Make You

Several years ago, State Farm Insurance sponsored a nationwide study of traffic accidents at different locations, and they came up with a list of 'the most dangerous intersections in America'; I think they've been doing it ever since. 

Interestingly enough, that very first year, number one on the list was the intersection at Beltline and Midway in the little town of Addison, TX. Addison has a population of 13,000, more or less. Just to give you some perspective, Orange has 139,000. 

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America: Started by a Church?

A lot of people may not know this—though they certainly should!—that America was started by a church. Did you know? Almost all of the passengers on board the Mayflower were members of one church—a little house church in the tiny town of Scrooby, England. The believers were all Separatists, refusing to affiliate with the corrupt, persecuting state church of England. 

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Crowfoot's Mistake

Apart from one funny little misjudgment in life, I'll have to say that I admire Chief Crowfoot more than just about any other Native American leader. And that's saying a lot, actually: quite a few of those tribal chiefs were pretty easy to admire. You can probably detect, in Crowfoot's photo, a certain 'nobleness' about him that was recognized and respected by Blackfoot and white-man alike. 

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How Barriers Work

Pastor Rod is just coming back from vacation this week, We hope you enjoy this article he wrote in 2004.

I sure am glad that history doesn't always listen to Congress when it speaks. If it did...well, America wouldn't be what it is today, that's for sure. In fact, you and I wouldn't even be Americans! I'm not exactly sure what we would be—Russians, Mexicans, subjects of the British monarchy?—none of the possibilities do much for me; but if Congress had had its way, back in 1821, one such scenario would be our lot today. 

1821 was the year Thomas Hart Benton stood up in the Senate and argued for the federal recognition of a few lonely American trappers and settlers who had made the outrageous journey westward, over the Rockies and out into the regions of Oregon, Washington, and California. Up until that time, everybody but the Americans were trying to take over those lands: Russians were coming down from their settlements in Alaska; the British had chased all the French back up into Canada and were starting to take over the fur trade; even Spain was feebly hoping to expand its crumbling empire up from California. But Americans were few and far between, and when they showed up, they were anything but welcome! 

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Kaweah's Broken Dream

Pastor Rod is on vacation this week, We hope you enjoy this article he wrote in 2004.

The last time I stood in Sequoia National Park, it was with a tremendous sense of awe and humility that I gazed up at that enormous 'General Sherman Tree' -one f the oldest trees in the world.

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The Slide Rule of Our Security

Pastor Rod is on vacation this week, We hope you enjoy this article he wrote in 1996.

People in Ontario will tell you about L.L. Nunn—the man who built the great electrical plant in Niagra. But if you ask the old-timers in Telluride, Colorado, they'll tell you about how they got started: by bringing a dead gold mine back to life through sheer ingenuity and determination. They're also bound to tell you some of the legends of 'Nunn's Pinheads'-as they were called.

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Courtney's Pharmacy

Several years ago, when the story finally hit the front pages, there was a great deal of moral outrage against...

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Kneeling in the Snow

I love the story of Isaac Potts, the Quaker gentleman who witnessed that legendary scene of George Washington, on his knees in the snow and praying at Valley Forge. And—no—the story behind the painting is not a myth; there was an eye-witness to it: Isaac Potts. 

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The Crossroad


Back in my proud, atheist college days, my favorite retort to any Christian, trying to share the Gospel with me, was: "That is bondage! I don't want that! I want to be free". 

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Give me the Puritans


I'll just be frank about this: I cannot stand it when people—and Americans especially—speak disparagingly of the Puritans. I'm sure you've heard it yourself: the word 'Puritan' used to describe someone pompous, someone boring, someone judgmental, someone fanatical. 

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Things We Need to 'Do'

Last week I wrote about the importance of not just the 'hearing' God's Word, but—oh!—the 'doing'! Remember. Kupferschmid's landing? 

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Kupferschmid's Landing

I absolutely love the story of Robert Kupferschmid. I wonder if you've heard it. On June 17, 1998, not too far from Muncie, Indiana, the 81-year-old man, who was not a pilot and who did not know the first thing about flying, suddenly found himself alone in a Cessna at 3,000 feet and going into a dive!  

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The Fort on the Hill


One thing shocked me about our experience on the mission field: our kids saw America only four times during their childhood. We never really intended it that way; it- just sort of happened. Which is what every parent says, I believe when childhood years just vanish away! When we first went out, James and David were 3 years old and 1½ respectively. Seventeen years later, the kids were grown, they were going to college, and I was shocked! How could it all be over so fast? 

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What 'Nails in the Coffin'?

William Mitchell Ramsay learned to doubt the Bible in his late teens. He was an Oxford student, who later became an Oxford professor and eventually one of history's greatest archaeologists. 

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This Miracle: America

Since I only touched upon it briefly that Easter Sunday morning, I thought I might fill you all in on some details. I'm talking about the overwhelming "proof" of God's love for this nation. If you live in this country, you are surrounded by proof dear ones! Proof that there is a God above; proof that you're loved; proof that we have lived by His blessing for centuries. From the very beginning, America has been so miraculously blessed by God. True Americans have always acknowledged that. May you do so too! 

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Dragons at the Door

One thing I will never forget, from our experiences on the mission field, is the annual task we always had of standing at the church door to keep the dragons away. 

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Remember Your Ransom

Editor's Note: Pastor Rod is on vacation this week. We include an article from a previous issue of the Messenger.  

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Peace with Sin?

Not all peace is good peace. I suppose you already know that, but would you like the very greatest example of it? September 30, 1938.

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