"Counted Worthy"


    I remember reading about a high school assembly that happened several years ago. The assembly was for the Seniors, and it was all about vocations and careers. A number of professionals had been invited, each to give a two-minute presentation of their particular calling and there, on the stage among the professionals, were three military recruiters: the final portion of the assembly was devoted to a military career. 

Well, the Army recruiter came first to the podium and spoke in great detail about the benefits and opportunities of an Army career, urging the young people to seriously consider it. 

Next came the Navy recruiter, and he gave a little talk on the prestigious history of the United States Navy and finished with similar incentives: college scholarships,  professional training, good pay and benefits, and the like. 

The two recruiters went on so long that there was hardly time for the third: he was a recruiter for the United States Marine Corps. When his turn came, the Vice Principle stood up and offered an apology, and informed him that he only had one minute left. 

It didn't seem to bother him. In fact, to everyone's surprise, he wasted almost the entire minute; just stood there at the podium as the seconds ticked by, as the auditorium grew quieter and quieter. Finally, with just a few seconds left, he spoke: 

"I doubt if there are more than two or three of you here today, who could even cut it in the United States Marine Corps," he said. "But I would like to see those two or three, immediately in the cafeteria, after we  are dismissed." 

With that, he turned smartly and stepped back to his seat. 

You could have heard a pin drop at that particular moment: the place was absolutely silent! 

Shortly after the assembly was dismissed, over in the cafeteria, a crowd of kids had gathered around the table where the Marine Corps officer was having his lunch! 

You know what I think?—and I sure hope it's still true!—there is a heroic dimension in every human heart which, if a person cannot respond to it, he will at least wish that he could, and know that he should! 

That's what I believe.

And nowhere is this more true than with the Christian. 

I rarely meet a Christian who isn't honored by the thought that serving in Christ's Kingdom isn't everyone's cup of tea; that not everyone makes "the cut" to become a Soldier of the Cross. Being one of those is a tremendous honor, no matter how high the cost; no matter how grueling the circumstances. 

I think that's why Paul tells the Thessalonians—his very first little fledgling congregation:


"We constantly pray for you, that God may count you worthy of His calling and that, by His power, He may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act, prompted by faith."     

2 Thes 1:6

"Worthy of His calling"! If ever there was a time for Christians to heed those words and rise up, speak up, stand firm, this is it dear ones! 

I am stunned by the incredible onslaught that is going on, right here in our dear nation right now. 

Candidates are not even hiding their godless, communist dogma anymore. 

Powerful tech-moguls—Facebook and Twitter—are no longer even hiding the fact that they censor your news; that they stifle free speech; they block certain journalists and news sources, labeling their information "unsafe". Their intent is clear: to steer this election and rule over this land. 

It is absolutely frightful!  

Judges in high places are not even hiding their hatred and their bias against Christian evangelicals. Jack Phillips, the humble, quiet Colorado baker who, seven years ago, gently declined to bake for a gay wedding, is now facing his third predatory lawsuit, with judges perfectly happy to comply! His defense was upheld by the Supreme Court two years ago! But they don't care! Their goal is to destroy him and everyone like him. Judges! Not even hiding it!

A few weeks ago, our Governor targeted Thanksgiving: demanding that we all "eat in the backyard"; make "rosters" of family members, with documented records of the social contacts of each one. He makes no such demands on other gatherings; none on the rioters that gather in our cities. This governor is now mocking his own people; testing to see how subservient we will be. And he clearly despises the Christian faith. He's not even hiding it; because there are plenty of his kind—dystopian fascists—applauding his every move. 

No, they are not even hiding it! 

And so, you dear Christian, don't hide your faith now! This is the time to be "counted worthy";  "worthy of His calling." Jesus never said it would get any easier! Oh, quite the opposite dear faithful one: "Let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me." Lk 9: 23

So stand up dear soldier, and stand strong. God is still on His throne, and you are one of His own. So you must be "counted worthy"!

See you Sunday.                             RAS

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