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Courtney's Pharmacy

Several years ago, when the story finally hit the front pages, there was a great deal of moral outrage against...

...are you ready for this? 

...a pharmacist of all people. You don't often see people spitting invectives toward a pharmacist, do you? But Robert Courtney deserved every one of them. 

Courtney managed the Research Medical Tower Pharmacy in Kansas City, MO, and he figured out a way to enhance his income quite significantly. It seems to me that pharmacists already make a pretty decent livelihood, but it wasn't enough for Robert Courtney. He came up with the idea of diluting some of his most expensive cancer drugs, in order to make more profit. 

Courtney got away with it for nine whole years. He turned a profit of $19 million! They say he diluted over 98,000 prescriptions of the chemotherapy drugs Gemzar and Taxol—drugs that had been prescribed for 4,200 patients over the years. Seventeen deaths have actually been attributed to Courtney's 'tampered' prescriptions. 

Are you wondering how he got caught? Incredibly enough, a sales rep at the Ely Lily Pharmaceutical Company noticed a discrepancy in the records. Courtney was selling two, three, sometimes even four times more Gemzar than he was buying and since Ely Lily was the only company making the drug, the sales rep just kept staring at that discrepancy, knowing that there had to be something wrong there! 

God bless him: a sales rep! 

An investigation was launched that eventually landed Courtney in prison for thirty years. The headlines called him "The Toxic Pharmacist"; journalists called his crime an "abomination". They likened his bitter, acrimonious trial to the War Crime trials of Nuremberg. 

Well, the outrage was certainly merited. Here was a man who held life-saving power in his hand and, for his own personal gain, diluted it to the point where it could not save anyone. 

You know what? There are people—and even 'churches' these days—doing that with God's life-saving Truth. And when they do, lives go wrong, people lose the way, people perish. 

Be careful, dear ones, how you handle this thing called Truth. Is it important to you?

Oh! You know: there's going to come a day when you will discover that Truth was your very life! It was your spiritual health. Your very survival! That you needed nothing more!

I love what Emily Dickinson once wrote about this: 

"Truth is good health. It is Safety. It's the Sky! How meager—what an exile—is a Lie, and how vocal when we die."  

Don't you love her? That is so true. The "lie" we live right now, will be so "vocal"—so obvious!— when we die! 

In our day and age, living a lie is not hard to do. Americans today are standing at the crossroad of Truth and Error! How easy to go the wrong way! 

We are being inundated by the occult, by eastern mysticism, sorcery, false religions and all kinds of counterfeit spirituality. Hollywood is plunging itself into Kabala now—it is nothing more than Judaistic sorcery. Mainstream Jews condemn it as such. Scientology is all about the worship of the self. There's not a shred of 'science' to it. 

And then there is Yoga. How shocking the number of Christians who embrace this Hindu idolatry. Every one of those yogic positions is an embracing of a Hindu deity. That is the goal. Ask any serious Swami. He will stoutly defend his Yoga as "our religion, not your exercise". 

Fengshui, fortune-telling, horoscopes, psychic readings,  reincarnation, self-realization, Rhonda Byrnes' old best-seller: The Secret; Neale David Walsch's bogus Conversations with Godand a hundred more just like it on our bookshelves these days. 

All of it comes from Courtney's Pharmacy dear ones! The truth diluted until it is utterly powerless to save! Be careful dear family! Be quick to detect a spiritual counterfeit! We are told to do just that, in 1 John 4:1: 

"Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God." 

Well...okay...so...how do we test it? How do we do that! 

Oh—God has written you a Book, dear ones! You do know that I hope! Surely you haven't been taking it for granted! How wonderful that He should do so! Is that not a supreme honor? 

Oh yes, it is! That Book is your life, dear faithful OT! It's the only real 'cure' on the shelf! The only true lamp for that path ahead! 

I love divin' into it with you each week!  

See you there!  RAS

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