Dig Deeper!

...a nation of spiritual surface miners?


In 1859, a crusty old Nevada silver miner came riding into Virginia City, whooping it up and waving a pouch full of coins worth $450 and bragging to everyone he met about he had tricked a couple of dumb, inexperienced Californians into buying his worthless old abandoned mine shaft. 

His name was Alva Gould, his mine was played-out, and $450 was way more than he'd ever dreamed he could get for it. 

It didn't take long for others to envy that windfall. A few weeks later, three other men, who had been mining the same mountain, sold their shares too; but this time for even more money! Patrick McLaughlin got a couple of thousand; Henry Comstock got $11,000 and Peter O'Reilley sold out for an incredible $40,000. 

Poor old Alva must have been kicking himself! 

But, in fact, everyone who heard about the transactions considered even Alva to be a "winner". They were shaking their heads and laughing about "them gulleyble Californies" who paid so much for a couple worthless holes in the side of Davidson Mountain. "Why, it's been years since them things has brung in more'n a coupla dollars a day!"

All four men who sold their shares had one thing in common: they were surface miners. You know: the pick and shovel type? They knew nothing about geology; they thought their claims had been exhausted, and it never occurred to them that a vein of gold or silver could go thousands of feet into the depths of a mountain. 

So they sold off their shares in what would eventually become the richest mountain of silver and gold in the world. 

It's called the Comstock Lode.

The new owners wasted no time! They threw away the picks and shovels and hired engineers and mechanics instead!

Just a few feet under the surface of the original diggings, instead of getting narrower, the vein suddenly got wider! By the time they had finished their work, the vein was 60 feet wide: the widest vein of gold in the world! In the first year alone, the Comstock mine earned $7 million. Within three years, it was bringing in $20 million a year! 

And Alva Gould had sold his share for 450 bucks...to "a bunch of dumb Californians"! Uh-huh! 

You know what I think? The only people who really win in this life are the ones who know how to 'dig deep'. Surface miners never win big! They are bound to discover, in the end, that they missed the vein! 

That was true back in the Gold Rush days and it is still true today. Especially when it comes to matters of faith. Those who dig deep will be the ones who find themselves incredibly blessed! 

Here is a disturbing thought, dear family: America is becoming a nation of spiritual surface miners. Most Americans just pick-and-shovel their way through shallow, goody-goody religions, philosophies and sentimental slogans. They let Oprah, Deepak, celebrities and yoga instructors supply the "spirituality"...

...while all the time the "vein" just lies there, submerged and ignored!  In the end, of course, they'll sell out and move on to some other gratification. 

How different the Christian who "mines deep" the mighty powerful Word of God! How rewarding and enriching the deep dig! The vein of God's Truth runs through every page and, the deeper you dig, the wider it gets! That vein brings rescue, forgiveness, and reconciliation. There is hope and stability and liberty from fear. You will find the courage to stand, the power to endure, and the strength to overcome all the terrible forces and pressures that life keeps throwing your way. Truly it is a treasure of fine gold...


"Thy Word have I treasured in my heart, O Lord, that I might not sin against Thee."  

Ps 119:11 KJV


So, let me ask you dear one: are you a surface miner? Or are you ready to dig deep?  Put away the pick-n-shovel! Start engineering your way into the deep things of God! Dig into His Word—deeply and daily—and bring up its precious Truth! You will be so enriched if you do! 

We're heading down into the Gospel of John in a few weeks. Talk about a 'vein'!

See you there.                                    RAS 

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