He Remembers

Pastor Rod is away this week. We include an article he published on 10-19-2014.

I know we're all familiar with the 'absent-minded professor' phenomenon, but I was a little surprised to read just how much it afflicted one of the greatest scientists that ever lived: Sir Isaac Newton. 

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that almost nothing of what we call 'science' today would be here without Isaac Newton. And yet, he was incredibly forgetful and absent-minded; which I find astonishing. I mean: how do you remember all the valences of the elements and all the calculus of physics and still register as a 'forgetful' person?

I suppose the valences and the calculus are the problem: great minds have more important things to focus on and remember than the routine functions of daily life. 

Newton's lifelong friend, Dr. William Stukeley—and eventually his first biographer—tells the delightful story of one time, one evening, when he'd been invited to dine with Newton at his residence. When the meal was finally served, however, Newton was nowhere in sight; still locked away in his lab, no doubt, and so thoroughly engrossed in his research that he had completely forgotten the dinner plan. Poor Stukeley just sat there, all alone at the table. 

But the rule around the Newton household was that when the master was at work in his lab, no one, with the exception of no one, was allowed to call or disturb him. Stukely was perfectly aware of the rule and so, when he felt he had waited quite long enough, he just went ahead and ate. After he finished off all the chicken he put the bones back on the platter and covered it up again with the lid. 

Just a few minutes later, Newton finally arrived and sat down at the table across from his friend. He apologized for having forgotten his guest, announce to the world that he was totally famished, and eagerly lifted the lid of the platter! 

A puzzled look came over the great genius' face as he stared down at the platter of bones: 

"Now, look at that," he finally responded, "I was absolutely convinced that I hadn't eaten yet." 

I love it! 

Man is a forgetful creature, isn't he? Even the best of men. In fact especially the best of men, I guess we should say. We have this popular notion today that brilliant, knowledgeable experts and geniuses get to be "absent-minded"; it's part of their caché. 

But how thoroughly unlike the most brilliant One; the greatest expert and genius! God never forgets; He is never absent of mind! 

Here is awesome good news, dear ones: there is not the slightest possibility that God could ever forget you! You might have been forgotten by Man! You may, in fact, be deeply hurt by that. But remember this above everything else: 

You will never be forgotten by God!

In the midst of your greatest trials, He remembers that you are His child: 

"He remembers that you were all obedient, receiving Him with fear and trembling." 

2 Cor 7: 15

In times of great need, He remembers His commitment to you: "He provides food to those who fear Him. He remembers His promises forever."  Ps 111:5

In times of great personal weakness and failure:

"He knows how we are formed: He remembers that we are but dust."  Ps 103:4

When the world around you brings hurt and despair: He remembers your voice; He hears your cry: "Call upon me in the day of your trouble and I will deliver you, says the Lord." Ps 50: 15

When you remain faithful to Him, while the whole world rebels, He sees it! And He will never forget:

"I know your deeds...I know that you have only a little strength, but you have kept my Word and have not denied my name, therefore I have placed before you an open door that no one will be able to shut." Rev 3:8

And finally, when you served him faithfully...tirelessly and sometimes—yes—even thanklessly, God will never forget! 

"God is not unjust. He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them." Heb 12:6

It's wonderful to be "remembered", don't you think? Though all the world "forget"! 

God bless you dear faithful church family.

See you Sunday.                                RAS

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