He Takes the Anger Away

(May you be encouraged by this article from December 14, 2003 written by Pastor Rod.)

Gordon MacDonald, the well-known Christian author, and editor of Leadership Quarterly, once wrote about an encounter he had several years ago--an encounter very much invested with the meaning of Christmas. 

He had just finished a lecture to a large group of Christian ministers and leaders when a Nigerian woman came up out of the crowd to say a few kind words in response. She was a physician and a professor at one of the finest teaching hospitals in the United States. With perfect English, she introduced herself using her American name. "And what is your African name?" MacDonald asked. She immediately gave it to him—several syllables long, with a musical sound to it. MacDonald tried repeating it, gave up, and then asked: "What does the name mean?" 

She answered, "It means: 'Child Who Takes The Anger Away'." 

Now there was a name with a story to be told! MacDonald listened to her intently, as she went on to tell it: 

"My parents had been forbidden by their parents to marry each other. There was feuding between both families. But my parents loved each other so much, they decided to defy family opinion and get married anyway. For several years they were ostracized from both their families. 

"Then my mother became pregnant with me," she continued, "and when I was born and the grandparents held me in their arms for the very first time, suddenly the walls of hostility came down. I became the one who swept the anger away. And that's the name my mother and father gave me: 'Child Who Takes The Anger Away'." 1

In his account of the story, MacDonald goes on to reflect that this woman's name would be a perfectly suitable name for Jesus. 

I agree, and I think it is exactly what Christmas is all about. 

Jesus Christ accomplished on a global scale what that little child accomplished in a tiny village in Nigeria. His birth-His coming -has swept away the anger! 

Prior to His coming, all the world was 'under wrath', we read, in the Scriptures. The 'angry' discord of man's broken relationship with God. The relentless 'wrath' of sin's assault upon the conscience and the heart. The furious hounding of guilt. The bitter dread of judgment. The angry noise of war and greed and hate and violence. The deep, smoldering resentment of abuse and injustice. The fury of disease and death. Can anyone seriously question Scripture's claim that "once we were, by nature, children of wrath"? (Eph. 2:3) 

In fact, we still are, if Christ has been left out. You have made room for Him in your heart, I hope? 

If so, you know what I'm talking about! How grateful we should be this Christmas Season! God sent His only Son into a world full of wrath. He has come to sweep it all away. 

"Jesus who rescues us from the coming wrath." (1 Thes. 1:10). "He Himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility " (Eph. 2: 14) 

Christ is the 'Child Who Takes the Anger Away'. And do we ever need Him! So does the rest of the world, dear Christian! Remember our commitment to "Bring them to the Word"? We made that commitment several years ago, and many of you have been doing that ever since. Praise God! Keep it up! 

With the Christmas Season coming up, remember to pray for your loved ones and friends, and bring them when you can! Pray for God to use us here to work in their hearts as well. Our wonderful Christmas Cantata, December 15


See you Sunday.                        RAS

Make Him Your King