Himalayan Center For Missions

Greetings from India! I am so excited to give you an update on the Himalayan Center For Missions here in India. The class started a week before we arrived and studied through the Gospel of Luke. Since we have arrived we have studied through the book of Daniel and are now studying Revelation! 

There are currently ten students and it is just right for a beginning! The men are very excited to learn the word of God and have this opportunity to learn and be equipped for ministry.  One man shared that he has taken over the pastorate from his father who went to be the with the Lord during the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Seventeen brothers and sisters were taken home when the church building collapsed. He is so thankful for an opportunity to learn God’s word and be equipped! Amir is asking for prayer for his home and fellowship to be sustained while he is here studying. 

One young man, 17, who is a new believer and was suffering from demonic control. Since he arrived at the school he has been suffering and the demon would not allow him to praise Jesus. He comes from a family that has a heritage of witchcraft, idolatry, and murder. Finally last Friday we prayed and prayed along with all the staff and students for the demon to be cast out.  Today he is sitting in the front of the class and happy to praise the name of his savior Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord! 

Please keep the students in prayer along with their families. J. (Siliguri), A. (Chitwan Nepal), V. (Jhapa Nepal), I. (Sikkim), R. (Meghalaya), B. (Meghalaya), K.(Bihar), A. (Bihar), S. (Bihar), E. (Assam).

The plan for 2019 is to have two, four-month residential programs. The first class is focused on men who want to be pastors and missionaries. The second, four-month class will focus on women and teach the Bible, Sunday School, Hospitality, and more.  Lord willing in 2020 we will be able to extend the program. 

P.S. Our class size has grown a bit since some local believers have heard that we are teaching through Revelation!

Pastor Dave

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