His Image...in You!


      I read the most wonderful story about a devout follower of the horrible Peter Singer. Perhaps you've heard the name. He is the so-called 'scholar' at Princeton University who teaches all his students not only that abortion is perfectly fine, but that infanticide should be legal as well if ever a child is 'unfit' for normal everyday living, or even just an 'inconvenience' to the parents. 

Aren't the halls of American Academia wonderful places these days? And parents scrape and save to send their kids into them? Oh, is it ever time to think outside that box!

Peter Singer loves to carry the comical title of "Professor of Bioethics", which just shows you what a fraud these institutions are these days. The man has no 'ethic' whatsoever.  

And Chris Gabbard was a staunch defender of Peter Singer. A professor in the English Department at the University of North Florida, Gabbard agreed with all of Singer's views: some human beings should be "allowed to die"; even encouraged to do so. 

In his own words, Gabbard explains: "I grew up prizing intellectual aptitude...and detesting poor mental functioning." This led him to concur with Singer's argument that society has a right to exclude people who are not real 'persons': the severely disable and dysfunctional should either be killed or allowed to die.

But then something happened to Gabbard and his wife Ilene...

During the birth of their very first child, the boy suffered brain damage. It left him blind and quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. 

The couple was devastated! 

Gabbard writes movingly about the struggle that ensued, and an encounter that he had one day in the intensive-care unit, several days after his boy was born: 

"After his birth I was deeply ambivalent, having been persuaded by Peter Singer's advocacy of infanticide. There was my son, asleep or unconscious, on a ventilator, motionless under a heat lamp, tubes and wires everywhere, monitors alongside his steel and transparent-plastic crib. 

"But what stirred me was the way he resembled me! Nothing had prepared me for the shock of recognition. He was the boy in my own baby pictures! He was the image of me when I was just an infant!"

That encounter—that brief moment of recognition—radically changed the heart of this man. 

Today, Professor Chris Gabbard is a wonderful advocate for the inherent dignity of the severely disabled. After pointing to a 2010 Gallup poll that says that nearly half of Americans (46%) now support assisted suicide, Gabbard writes: 

"Many such well-meaning people would like to end my son's suffering, but they do not stop to consider what that suffering entails. At times he is physically uncomfortable, yes, but the real pain is the pain that comes from those who cannot bear the thought that people like my son exist."  1

Wow! I'll let the photo of father and son speak for itself! What do you think? 

You know? If an earthly father loves like that, imagine what a Heavenly One will do! 

I have news for you, dear reader: God sees an 'image' of Himself in you too! It is clearly in our Scriptures (Gen 1: 27). I don't know if I can explain it properly, but it is there, and it is important, and it moves the heart of God! It's one of the reasons why He loves you so; and why He endured so much to rescue you. Oh, but Pastor you don't know me. How flawed I am! How broken! The Bible says that all of us are 'flawed'; all of us are 'broken'; since birth!—didn't you know? But, oh, He sees it there—His image in you!—and loves you for it; just the way you are! He sent His Son as proof of that! And not all the 'Peter Singers' in the world will ever cause Him to 'discard' you now! Put your trust in Jesus Christ and don't let go! God bless you dear faithful OT! 


Cya online! (Not much longer I hope). 


1. Chris Gabbard, A Life Beyond Reason: A Father's Memoir, Beacon Press, NY 2019

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