His Plan...His Vision

Okay: here is my apology—though not very apologetic—to any who might be wishing that we would follow the "Corporate America" model of Christian Faith and Church, so popular these days: 

I'm sorry, but we don't have a "Ten Year Plan",  or a "Five Year Plan". I'm sure those are all very nice, but we follow the "2000 Year Plan" and it's been working just fine so far. The 'Vision" behind the plan is wonderful too. 

So, for me to come up with a replacement, or improvements would be quite a dishonor to the Author and originator of it all. He is, after all, the real Pastor of this Church! 

We hold to the Vision of a world that is lost, being reached with the Good News of Christ. "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost."  Lk 19: 10

And as for the "Plan"? Oh, it couldn't be simpler: "Go!" 

"Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you." Mt 28:19

Do we really need more? Will it help if we complicate it? 

Oh, I love how you all are so committed to His plan and His vision, dear faithful OT! 

This past year we have seen such wonderful strides in our global outreach! It has been exciting to see a Bible School in Eastern Nepal, a brand new pastoral training center in Northern India, a farm for an orphanage in Uganda, a desperately-needed new well in Niger, and all of it coming with the Gospel of our Savior. Not to mention all of our previous global commitments in China, Ireland, Costa Rica and several more.

At the end of this month, Pastor Dave, Pastor Bob, Bennie Townsend, and Bryce Bonner will be heading over to Siliguri, India for the opening semester of that Pastoral Training Center: officially called The Himalayan Center for Missions. Among the many pastors already scheduled to arrive are several from Bhutan: a thoroughly resistant and unreached nation where missionaries are strictly forbidden. But here they come! Bhutanese pastors, out to India where they can study and learn freely at the Center. How exciting! 

This is all your obedience to our Lord's "Plan" and "Vision", as you give, pray, encourage and yes...even go! 

My hope for this year? Oh! More of the same! That even more "Go"! That all of us pray and that we continue to freely give and encourage. What a glory to our savior! 

Don't forget our "mission field" at home. The command to "Go" is for us here as well! Just look at the news lately: all the discord and division and spiritual darkness! Oh, this is one very lost world all right, and America is becoming as lost as the rest! 

One of our great hopes for CCOT this year is that we will all be lights for the Gospel, right here where we live! 

The Lord has been leading Pastor Dave to begin a Home Fellowship Leadership Group, at the end of February (after he gets back from Siliguri, India!). The goal is to start home fellowship groups right in our neighborhoods! How awesome! Will you be part of that in 2019? Stay tuned! It's coming. 

Our Youth Group is growing—how exciting. Garrett Marin is doing a wonderful job leading the kids each week, and now the Wednesday night segment (serious discipleship) has tripled in size lately.  

The same thing is happening to our Young Adult group. Led by our wonderful teacher, Manny Huipe, the group reaches the hearts of young college-age people who definitely need strength for the way ahead! We're "going" to them too!

Another burden on my heart this year is for the young families in our community who do not yet know Christ. When they come to our Church, will they find a true home? One that welcomes them and provides instruction for their children? Will they stay? Oh, listen dear church: please take this seriously! Offer yourself fully to the Lord on His Day. Come to one service for worship and stay to serve each other and their children at another! What an honor to Christ when you give Him the whole day. It is His Day, after all, remember?  

Our Children's Ministry is such an important mission field and, if we effectively reach them, we'll be reaching those young parents as well!

Well, I'm very excited about 2019! This was just a brief glimpse of what we covered last Wednesday at the Congregational Meeting, but all of it is a true honor to Him. 

Let's see, this Sunday, what do we have...yikes! "An Intolerance of Light".  Oh boy! That sounds weighty!  

See you there.                                 RAS

Only One Name Will Do
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