If We Don't Give Up


     "Let us not become weary in doing good," we read in Scriptures. "for, at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Gal 6:9 It's a great verse, isn't it? And I don't know about you, but I find it very comforting that those early First Century Christians even needed a verse like this. I mean, I know we do, here in the 21st Century, but I had often thought that those First Century folks—with their proximity to the Lord Jesus Christ and all the events of the New Testament—were just ridin' high, you know what I mean? Cruising through life unperturbed, with their faith intact and their courage unassailable. 

   How refreshing to know that they too struggled with "weariness in doing good"; tempted to "give up" and wondering if they would ever "reap a harvest". 

   Are you feeling that way right now, dear faithful Christian? I know a lot of people who are. I've been there myself: overwhelmed by the cultural forces around us. Confronting the 'onslaught' every single day. Worrying about our kids and our grandkids and the future of our nation. It's easy to "grow weary in doing good", don't you think? It comes with the territory. 

   But do you want to know what the real key to that verse is? Four simple words: 

" ... at the proper time ... " 

   The Lord God of Heaven is the Judge of all the Earth. He is the Author of Life itself and not a thing takes Him by surprise. And when He brings His plan to fulfillment, it won't be according to our time frame or our expectations, but His! And that will be "the proper time". 

   And guess what's going to happen then, when that "proper time" arrives? You and I are going to look back at the most perfect plan unfolded and see everything we've done, every little step of faith, every act of service, every timorous, stammering testimony, contributing to it all and having an enormous influence. 

    Whatever "good" you do, dear Christian, is going to "reap" that "harvest"—you just wait and see! 

   I read about a very interesting experiment that was done many years ago that caused quite a sensation. Scientists, studying the laws of physics, set up shop in a gun factory where there was room enough to suspend an enormous bar of gunmetal solid steel, that was eight feet long and weighed 500 pounds suspended in midair by a very strong but delicate chain. 

   Then, adjacent to it, they suspended something else on a length of slender silk thread. It was a cork! Yes, just an ordinary piece of cork from a wine bottle or a laboratory flask. What these physicists were expecting, as the 'anticipated result' of their experiment, was that the cork could set the bar of steel in motion! 

   It was an outrageous idea, by most people's estimation—no one believed it could happen. And when the cork was swung at the steel the first time, nothing did happen: the poor thing just bounced back into the air, while that massive bar of steel just hung there, motionless as ever. 

   Of course! It was laughable! What else did they expect? But then the cork was swung again. And again. And again, for ten minutes. And after ten minutes' time, the slightest tremor was recorded from the chain, just the tiniest little tremble! 

A few minutes later the tremor had crept all the way down the bar itself.

   And ten minutes after that, a full-fledged vibration was underway!

   And at the end of several hours, that massive piece of solid steel was swinging like a pendulum!

   Set in motion by a cork...that just would not give up! 

   Listen dear faithful CCOT: just keep on doing what you're doing! Someday you'll see things set in motion, if it hasn't started yet. It is certain! It is sure! It's one of the laws of physics in the Kingdom of our God. He proclaims it in His mighty word: 

"Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded, " Heb 10:35

"For at the proper time, we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up.”


I'm so glad we are in this together. See you Sunday.                                  RAS

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