Missions Christmas List

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.” (Is 9:2 ESV) 

   Have you made your Christmas list yet? I wanted to share with you our Mission Board Christmas list this year. Please pray about these ministries and projects. Whether the Lord leads you to support these financially or not I ask that you would continue to pray for them.
Solar Powered Bore Hole Well,  Niger Africa

   Starting out our Christmas list is another well in Niger, Africa. Most of you had a chance to hear from our West African Missionary DIDA last month. If you were not able to attend I am sorry you missed it. One of the items he updated us on was the solar powered well our congregation helped to build in Niger last February. DIDA shared that during the time of Ramadan when many of the water sources went dry there were over a million people who drank from this well. The well is giving a lot more than just water though. The Bible school who is operating the well has gained so much favor in the community and many are hearing the message of redemption. In fact, even the President of Niger commented on how pleased he was with this well! 

   Lord willing we would like to start another Well Project this year in a new area. Some of you remember that a couple of years ago two kings came to believe in Jesus Christ. The churches in this area are doing very well and we would like to invest in another solar powered well in this area. The cost will be around $26,000. This well in right on the border of the Sahara and will need to drill much deeper to tap the aquifer in this region.

Himalayan Center for Missions, Siliguri India

I just returned from Nepal and the main purpose for the trip was preparing to open the Pastors Training Center and Bible school in Siliguri, India. We are trusting God that this school will be instrumental in reaching Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. The school is very close to opening its doors, and Lord willing, we hope to start our first four-month residential program this December 2018! The course catalog will include: survey of Old and New Testaments, Acts, Inductive Bible Study, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelism & Discipleship, Biblical Counseling, Management & Ministry, Family & Ministry, Theology 1, Church Planting, Pauline Epistles, General Epistles, Eschatology, Homiletics, Gardening & Agriculture, and lastly hygiene. We hope help instruct some of these classes in the first quarter of 2019. 

We are still in need of some furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, and materials for building the rooftop church. The cost of these items is approximately $8,000. The Himalayan Center for missions is a four story building and will be able to house many students as they learn, grow,  and prepare to reach their villages. 

Hope Home Uganda Medical Check-Ups

We have raised half of the funds needed for our Hope Home children to receive a full medical checkup and physical. We fear some of the children may have HIV or other medical problems from their parents. A hospital in Kampala has agreed to bring a medical clinic to them. The Ridar hotel said they would host the clinic and staff for no charge! The cost is $150 per child. We still need to raise about $2,000 for the medical checks and follow up medicine/procedures.
Carpio Camp, Costa Rica

Our missionary in Costa Rica is asking for special giving for camp scholarships this year. The motto of the camp is “Un lugar para encontrarse con Dios” (A place to meet with God). The campers (children and young people ranging in age from 9 – 17 years old) earn the right to go Camp by faithful participation in the regular year-round programs in Carpio:  Bible clubs, New Horizons, Life Institute, Sunday School, and the tutoring programs.  Please pray that the kids that God wants will go to Camp, and that they will truly “meet with God.”  Pray, too, for a great time, safety, good weather, and, most of all, spiritual impact in the lives of the kids that will last for all of eternity. Our missionary Susan Grosser wrote she is hoping to bring 200 kids this year. The cost of each tuition is $100.

“Set Up A Table”,  Guatemala
On June 3rd, 2018 one of Guatemala’s twenty-two volcanoes erupted destroying villages. For months now, we have been working with the largest shelter for the victims and we are preparing a major outreach for Christmas. We have been collecting Toys (used and new), beanie babies (as they are the stuffed animals that are strongest to play with) and clothes to provide the children and teens for the coming Christmas that will be for those families, more of that “Valley of Shadow of death” that they are still going thru. We felt the Lord was inviting us to “SET UP A TABLE” for those families, some of which lost up to 50 members! On December 16th, we will host a toy store that will not only provide toys for the families to purchase for $1-3, so they can feel empowered by purchasing them. We have also purchased some plastic woven baskets some women are making to get some personal funds, not only as a way to help them but also to provide a way so they can feel they can go on with life and start their little business. We are gathering toys and clothes for more than 200 children and a little gift (beanie baby) for each person in the shelter (with around 400 people). More people have come to live in the shelter as the volcano has been erupting again this week. Numbers still to be determined, so we estimate 100+ children and the same amount of adults  So we need to raise around $3,000 to purchase the items we mentioned and to rent a bus to transport all of it, we need the funds by DECEMBER 10th for this outreach. Could you help us out by giving, passing the word around or hosting a fundraiser? 

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