Only One Name Will Do


There's a story about something that happened at the Ford Motor Company, way back in the early years, when they had just made their first expansion and moved into the new Piquette Avenue plant. 

A little twelve-year-old neighbor kid came racing through the front gates on his bicycle and almost got past the guard house. But the guard ran after him and brought him to a halt: "Whoa, there, little fella. Where do you think you're goin'?"  

"I'm going to watch them build the cars," the little boy replied excitedly. 

"Sorry, son. This is a restricted area. No place for kids to play. You see that big sign up there? 'Employees only', it says. Now, you run along and play somewhere else." 

But the boy wasn't ready to take 'no' for an answer. 

"But my daddy works here, and he said I could come watch them build the cars." 

"Well, your daddy was wrong, see? 'Cuz we don't allow no kids inside the factory to get hurt. Now you go away, play some baseball somewhere, why dontcha?"

The little boy lowered his head and mumbled under his breath: "He said I could get in." 

"Well, my boss says you can't, son." 

Then the little boy grew defiant, looked right up at the man and said: "My daddy's going to get mad." 

"Well, you just let him go ahead and get mad!" answered the guard. "Just who does he think he is anyway?" 

The little boy turned away, disappointed and still mumbling under his breath: "My daddy is Henry Ford and he said I could come watch them build the cars!" 

And—oh my!—did that ever turn things around! All of a sudden that guard was running after the boy, urging him not to go away! To please come back and—oh, yes! yes!—by all means please do come in and see how the cars are made. And maybe you don't need to tell Daddy, son, about our little conversation, whaddaya think?

And so little twelve-year-old Edsel Ford was ushered back into the guardhouse, while a special call was made to the great inventor's personal secretary. A special escort was immediately dispatched, and little Edsel was given a grand tour of the entire plant. Every door was opened to him and every stage of the assembly line—and everywhere he went, he was introduced and welcomed and greeted with enthusiasm. 

Isn't it amazing how powerful a 'name' can be sometimes? 

And sometimes only one name will do. If you want to get into the Ford Motor Co., there's nothing like the name of Henry Ford to get the job done! 

The same is true in the spiritual realm.  No other name will ever open the gates of Heaven to us. No other name, but the One Name, will open the Way to Salvation. It's one of the most important teachings of our Christian Faith. 

No, wait—let me correct that: it's not a 'teaching'; it is Truth. It's just a fact; a fact we must never let go of. 


"For Salvation is found in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven, given among men, by which we must be saved." Acts 4: 12


Not the names of great philosophers or great moral teachers; not any of the names of all the gods of all the world's religions; not the name of your political party, your favorite candidate, your favorite church or your favorite cause! 

And here's news for some: not even your name will do, dear one, no matter how faithful, fervent or sincere you might be. 

No, no! It is Christ and no one else who paid the awful cost of Calvary and tore down the barriers that kept you away! It is Christ who purchased your redemption. No other name but His will do! 

Jesus Himself made this perfectly clear when He said: 

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by me." Jn 14:6

I know how the pressure is building, dear family, here in the midst of this godless generation. I know how it feels to be labeled 'intolerant'; 'bigoted'; 'narrow'. But this is too crucial for us to back down on now! Eternal destinies hinge upon our insistence on this one great fact: that there is one way; one name by which we must be saved! So hold your ground, dear faithful OT! 

Speaking of 'narrowness'—maybe I'll just write about that next week. You just might be surprised who the 'narrow' ones really are! 


See you Sunday! Isn't it awesome?   RAS


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