Our Children...Under Siege

I don't normally do this with my weekly article, but it can't be avoided. Our children are under siege in this State and if each and every one of us doesn't rise up as parents, grandparents, Christians, community leaders and...well...just plain human beings, we will surely be held accountable for it.  

I had a very illuminating talk last Wednesday with Brenda Lebsack, trustee of the Orange Unified School District. Representing only herself, not the whole board, she gave me a careful and thorough presentation of all that is being thrown at even our youngest children under the new 'mandate' of Assembly Bill 329, the horribly misnomered "Healthy Youth Act". 

Nothing could be unhealthier. 

(Note: For you dear sensitive ones (like Sharilyn), I recommend you just skip the rest of this column and pray: let husbands and fathers read it perhaps, but just know that I've left the worst and most unspeakable out of this list.)

Here are a few excerpts from the now popular book—Teen Talk—produced to comply with the AS 329 mandate that will soon be targeting our Jr. Highers: 

P. 86: "'Pan' means 'any' or 'all'. Someone who is 'pansexual' might find themselves attracted to men, women, non-binary people, trans people, gender queer people and many more!" (Notice the exclamation point).

P. 84: "The Gender Queer Umbrella: ...descriptors for gender identities are rapidly expanding: youth today no longer feel bound to identify strictly with one or two genders, but are instead establishing a growing vocabulary for gender." 

P. 162 of the book contains discussions of gay sex so unspeakable that I can't include any of it. It is just porn.

I am proud of our Orange Unified Board of Education. Responding to overwhelming parental disapproval, they refused to adopt this filthy book for our children's curriculum. It has been approved by the Irvine Schools,  though, and is now under consideration in communities all over the state. Here in Orange, the vote was 6-1. Kathy Moffat voted her approval of it. Let's hope the voters will put someone new on the board this November. 

By the way, after the Board so courageously vetoed Teen-Talk as curricula, our wonderful Orange County Register launched a vicious attack on them all, accusing them of being 'unlawful'. The ACLU also sent a letter, warning the board: "Parents do not have the right to dictate what curriculum is used or what information is provided to students in public schools."  The Board is courageously ignoring the threats. 

Other disturbing developments in our state are: 

SB 179:  establishes an official "3rd gender" in California. Sponsored by Tom Atkins and—you guessed it—the California Teachers' Association. 

The next thing on Sacramento's predatory agenda is the so-called California Health Framework (CHF) now proposed for implementation in 2019. The entire document may be seen at www.cde.ca.gov/ci/he/cf/. But here are some of the highlights:

The CHF Mandates that Kindergarten through 3rd grade be instructed regarding "all forms of gender", as well as the "LGBTQ's ever-changing spectrum" of sexual practices and identities. Ch. 3 p. 41; Ch 5: p. 21 of the document.

The CHF suggests that in the 4th through 6th grades, male and female students "not be separated" during sex education sessions as this "may foster anxiety...and allow some students to be misgendered".  Ch. 4; p 54 

The CHF informs educators that, in the 7-8th grades, "students may have the opportunity to engage in sexual activity and...might be changing their sense of sexuality, both in terms of identity and activity." Ch. 5, p 2

Advises that "some students may be non-monogamous". Ch. 5, p. 31 

And how about this one: 

The CHF warns educators about "spiritual abuse", alluding to the use of religion in the home to instill "rigid values" and gender roles etc. This last one is the most chilling of them all. The trap is being laid, dear ones, and Christians will one day be the prey. 

What can we do? 

We can pray! We did so just last week. Come join us at Fight NightGet involved! Attend school board meetings; support and encourage the board we have now. Be vigilant and speak out whenever any of this shows up in our classrooms. 

Vote! Nov 6. Spread the word with your friends and family up north and in other counties. There are predators in Saramento—the Governor included!—and our precious children are the targets! Let's get 'em out!  

God bless you all, dear family!

I'm thankful for Sundays, aren't you?

See you there!                                     RAS

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