Pray and Don’t Give Up!

      Someone forgot to tell David Urey how to give up; how to stay in his place; how to take ‘no’ for an answer. So, he just kept at it; kept asking and because of that he saved a life and, for a brief span of time anyway, captured the hearts and the attention of Americans everywhere. 

David Urey’s story hit the headlines back when I was a kid; back in the sixties. He wasn’t anybody famous really, just a common ordinary working man who lived in West Virginia; kind of out in the sticks, as a matter of fact. Which was the reason for his problem because there were no adequate medical facilities out in his neck of the woods. 

When Urey’s wife had a head-on collision and lay critically injured in the little country clinic, doctors told him there was nothing they could do for her—she needed attention from an experienced neurosurgeon, and she needed it now! She would never survive without it, and her time was running out. 

The nearest medical facility with any decent neurosurgery was 400 miles away in Washington D.C, and so, for several agonizing hours, David Urey worked frantically to charter a helicopter that could fly his wife out. But for one reason or another, no local helicopters were available soon enough. 

And that’s when David Urey announced his decision: 

“I’m going to call the President,” he proclaimed. And before too long, he was talking on the phone with a White House staff receptionist. He stated his case and made his plea. President Richard M. Nixon was interrupted in his business to be informed of the situation and within a matter of minutes, his own personal helicopter was dispatched to West Virginia to rescue Urey’s wife! 

Later during an interview, with the surgery successfully underway, Urey told reporters: “I want to thank my President for saving the life of my wife today.”  

What a beautiful way of putting it! Has it ever occurred to you that the President of the United States is ‘your’ president? Would it occur to you to call him up if things became unbearable? 

Here is an even more important question for you: has it occurred to you that God is your God? Oh, yes He is: much more ‘yours’ than a President will ever be! 

The heroes of the faith all knew this one important fact. That the great God of their Fathers, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, was their God too. 

“My God shall supply all your needs,” writes Paul in his letter to the Philippians, “with all of His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”  Phil 4: 19

When Abraham invited the ‘three strangers’ to stay, he addressed them all as ‘My Lord’! Gen 18:3 (Talk about a gift of knowledge! Did he understand the Trinity?) 

“He is my God and I will praise Him,” sang Moses after the parting of the Red Sea (Ex 15:3)

Joshua called Him “The Lord my God.” (Josh 14:9)  And beautiful Ruth made a similar claim when she specifically vowed to her mother-in-law: “Your people shall be my people and your God shall be my God...”  Ruth 1: 16

And then there’s David and Isaiah and Daniel and Jeremiah and Thomas and John and...well the list is enormous!

God, dear faithful one, is your God! That is so often the point of our Scriptures! And the ability to remember that—and to act upon it!—is one of the defining attributes of a true Christian. 

I wonder if there is anyone reading these words who has been thinking of giving up?’re certainly not alone in that. We read in the scriptures that Jesus told one of His parables specifically to His Disciples “so that they would not give up”. It was The Parable of the Persistent Widow as a matter of fact (Lk 18: 1-8) and apparently, His Disciples were thinking about doing just that!  

Perhaps you’ve been thinking that there is no earthly reason why you should keep on going? And maybe you’re right! Maybe there is no ‘earthly’ reason. But there certainly is a ‘heavenly’ one! Because the Lord God, who rules Heaven and Earth,  is ‘your’ God; ‘your’ Heavenly Father, and He urges you to pray and not give up! 

This is not a ‘duty’; this is not a ‘chore’. It’s not something you ‘ought’ to do. Do you mind if I tweak the Greek a bit on our translation of Luke 18:1. The NIV says that “Jesus told his Disciples a parable to show that they ought always to pray and not give up.” But it really doesn’t say that men ‘ought to pray’. It says that they ‘must’! This is not ‘advice’, or a ‘request’ or something you simply ‘ought’ to do, friends. It is something you 'must' do!

 So pray, dear faithful OT! Pray and don’t give up. Pray for those kids who do not yet know Christ! Pray for our families, our children, our church. Pray for victory over the enemies of God. Pray for our nation to come back to Christ. Come and join us on Wednesday nights as we fight this fight together, And when you do, come with the fullest assurance that He is ‘your God’! 


Love worshipping with you! 

See you Sunday                           RAS

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