Resist the Tyrant

I always get upset when I hear people minimize the American Revolution. You're probably familiar with the people I'm talking about: limp-wristed professors who tell their moonstruck captive audience that it was all just "a war to enshrine capitalism"; haters of our nation who dismiss it as a "grudge over taxes"; spineless pacifists who insist that "it all could have been solved by negotiation". 

None of those things are true and I, for one, am fed up with people who blather about a history they've never really read.  

There is no doubt, of course, that taxes and tariffs and the American pocketbook were part of the initial problem. But the Americans did not fight over that. They did what Americans still do today: they boycotted; they protested; they issued appeal after appeal for justice and redress. 

Contrary to popular opinion: the Declaration of Independence didn't start the Revolution.  America had already been invaded by that time. 

Two years before the Declaration was signed, thousands of British forces landed in Boston Harbor and literally invaded the city.  Emboldened by new acts of the British Parliament, (the Coercive Acts), they closed the harbor, abolished the government, outlawed public meetings, cut off all trade by land and sea, and shut down all business and commerce.  All in retaliation for the Boston Tea Party. 

The citizens of Boston would have starved to death if it weren't for the smuggled contributions from neighboring colonies.

During the year 1775, one year before the Declaration was signed, four vicious battles had already been fought with 185 Americans killed and 805 wounded or captured. 

The list of atrocities is far too long for this little column, but let's just consider the northeastern seacoast for example. In October of 1775, nine months before the Declaration of Independence was signed, Captain James Wallace of the British Royal Navy frigate, The Rose, led a squadron of sixteen ships toward the little town of Bristol, Rhode Island. Wallace sent a message to the townspeople with a list of demands, including all their flocks of sheep. When the citizens refused, Wallace ordered his ships to open cannon fire on the town: shops, homes, even the Bristol Church was destroyed. 

Later that week, Wallace and his squadron sailed down to Newport where he threatened similar destruction if they didn't supply him with "beer, beef, and necessaries for our ships". The terrified town complied. 

That same day, a handful of American patriots in Falmouth, Maine (now Portland) gathered on the dock in the midst of a driving rain, hoping to withstand a squadron of British ships that was approaching.   Capt Henry Mowat dropped anchor at a distance and sent a longboat into the harbor, threatening to destroy the whole town if they didn't surrender its cannon and muskets and send hostages as insurance against hostilities. The citizens sent him some muskets and pistols, but that apparently was not enough. Mowat ordered hot-shot fired upon the town. Within an hour, the entire village went up in flames. 

Get this: on the very day that the Declaration was signed; while members of the Continental Congress were still debating it, 31,625 new British troops were debarking from ships in New York Harbor!  

Wow! Oh yes, there was plenty of reason to fight that war, and 'money' and 'taxes' had little to do with it! 

Resistance to tyranny! There is glorious history in all of that. It's woven into the very fabric of America.  

But here's what makes me sad today. Americans are yielding ground to a Tyrant today, and —oh!—he is much more ruthless and tyrannical than King George ever was!

He is called the "Great Deceiver". "He comes to steal, kill and destroy," Jesus warned us in John 10:10.  The Bible portrays him as the great Enemy of God and the Enemy of Man.  

And Americans today are doing his bidding!  What a shocking thought. We bow ourselves to the Tyrant's demands, as we cheapen human life and rip it from the womb. We bend the knee in subjection to the Tyrant as we parade our perversities through the streets; as we make a mockery of marriage and gender and all that God has called sacred. 

We yield ground to the Tyrant as we slander one another and despise one another and wish ill upon each other; as we preach racial hatred and class envy and identity politics. How thoroughly "unAmerican" it all is! And how thoroughly submissive to the Tyrant's demands.

Do you know what America needs to do right now? Rise up and resist, as we did in the past. Resist the Tyrant, as we are told in James 4: "Submit yourselves, then unto God! Resist the Devil and he will flee from you."  James 4:7

This dear nation once used to do that so well. May it happen again!  



See you Sunday.                                       RAS

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