Right-Side-Up At Last!

The story of Liz Curtis Higgs is an amazing one, and it drives home what we are dealing with here, dear faithful OT, whenever we proclaim this matchless Savior! 

Liz Curtis Higgs was one of the best-known disc jockeys in America at one time, but perhaps I should call her  "one of the most notorious". Liz was known for her wild, ungodly, profane presence behind the mic. In fact, on several of her stations, Liz' show followed Howard Stern's show every morning and one day, during the switch between shows—you know how they kind of 'hand-off' to one another—Howard Stern jokingly said: "You know Liz, you really do need to clean up your act."   Now, when Howard Stern lectures you to clean up your act, you're in serious trouble! 

Not surprisingly, Liz Curtis Higgs was a very sad, hurting person when she wasn't behind the mic. She had been abused and abandoned and broken by so many men in her life that she had finally become just an angry, vicious, militant feminist. Anyone listening to her show could tell you that. She made no effort to conceal it from the public. 

But—wouldn't you know?—Liz had a friend who was a Christian. (Don't you love it? Do you think that's a coincidence?)  This friend kept inviting Liz to church and—God bless her—she was relentless! In fact, Liz got so sick and tired of telling her friend 'no' and explaining her reasons that she finally gave up the fight, hoping it might bring some peace.  "Okay. Okay, I'll go one time, and one time only, and then don't ask me again." 

That week the pastor got up and began preaching on Ephesians 6:22 "Wives submit yourselves to your husbands...for the husband is the head of the wife." 

Oh boy! Not exactly the ideal verse for a visiting militant feminist! 

Instantly, Liz was ticked off! She grew restless in her seat. Started tuning it all out. Started thinking of ways to leave...like...now! Whisper an apology to the friend next to you and just go! 

But by the time she mustered up the courage to do so, she was once again picking up the pastor's voice; and now he was preaching on the rest of the passage; that part about the husbands: "Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave up His life for her."  

The pastor went on to ask: "Tell me, which of the two is being asked to sacrifice more? The husband or the wife?" He didn't even wait for a reply, he answered it himself: "The husband, of course. Men, you must sacrifice yourself! You must lay down your life for your bride, just as Christ did for the church!" 

At that moment, incredibly enough, when Liz heard those words, she leaned over to her friend and whispered: "I would gladly give myself to any man, if I knew he would lay down his life for me." 

Her friend leaned toward her and whispered back: "Liz, there is a man who loved you that much! He's already laid down His life for you! His name is Jesus Christ!" 

It was shortly after that, that Liz gave up the fight! She surrendered her life to Jesus Christ and became a follower of the Cross. 

Isn't it astounding? This once profane, angry, notorious public figure is now better known as a Christian novelist and speaker. She comes, always, with a powerful message about Jesus Christ! Her many best-selling novels, such as Thorn in My Heart and Embrace Grace, offer hope and new life to women still struggling with what she once endured! 

Isn't it amazing what the love of Christ can do? How precious this 'gift' we get to give to the world around us. 

Do you know what I find especially charming about the story of Liz Curtis Higgs' and her amazing conversion? We don't even know the name of that friend! I'm sure it is known by some, but not to us who read the story. Nor do we know the name of the Pastor, who so faithfully preached even the unpopular passages of God's wonderful Word! 

Have you noticed this? Christians aren't in this for any glory to themselves. They're not craving recognition! They do what they do because Jesus once came and turned their ruined world right-side-up at last! Now, when they see others still trapped in the ruins, they point to the One who will rescue them from it! 

All we do is point people to Jesus!

How about you? Have you started yet? Is there anyone you know still trapped in the ruins? Can you speak forth His name, and tell what He's done for you? Oh, then get ready—you are going to see God do wonderful things! 

It's time to get rid of that list of 'hopeless cases'! There is no such thing as a 'hopeless case'! If God's Word can pierce the heart of Liz Curtis Higgs, it will do wonderful, life-changing things for your friends too! 

Stay true dear faithful OT!


See you Sunday!                           RAS

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