a Fly?

Embedded within all the lore that surrounds America's greatest preacher and evangelist is the story of the man who was saved—are you ready for this?—by a fly, of all things. 

I know, I know: it does sound rather 'legendary', but when it comes to George Whitefield, I've learned not to doubt things! 

The most incredible miracles happened with this man, and all because he was faithful to God's Word! One thing we learn from George Whitefield is that incredible things can happen with us, too, if we will remain true to God's Word. 

Whitefield, by the way, is the one who is quoted as saying: "It is a poor sermon that gives no offense; that does not make the hearer displeased with himself or with the preacher." (Oh, good! That does make me feel better!). 

It happened in New England, during that time when his preaching was igniting the Great Awakening. As popular as he was, Whitefield did have his share of enemies; and one of them showed up one day, while he was preaching in an open field to an enormous crowd. 

The man was an angry atheist—couldn't stand preachers—and the only reason he showed up that day was to cause trouble, of course. He pushed his way to the very front of the crowd, placed himself right in front of the famous evangelist, and just stood there with his hands over his ears and a defiant look on his face, that seemed to be saying: "I will not listen to a word you say." 

It was a juvenile thing to do, of course; sounds like the kind of thing a country bumpkin might try back in the 18th Century. He was just trying to distract the preacher; get a rise out of him;  make him lose his temper or whatever. 

But it didn't work: Whitefield just stopped looking at the man and kept on preaching. Nothing was going to deter him from God's Word.

But what happened next was amazing: a fly showed up and began buzzing around the man's head. And it didn't go away! In fact, it got so annoying that the poor man finally had to use one of his hands to shoosh the fly away. And when he did, he caught a few of Whitefield's words, just as he was quoting—wouldn't you know?— Matthew 11:15...

"He who has ears to hear let him hear."  

The words just bit into the man! Whitefield hadn't even been looking at him; didn't seem to have him in mind at all, but the man got a distinct impression that Somebody did! 

He dropped his hands to his sides and just stood there, letting the rest of the message sink in. It was a message about people whose hearts have been hardened; who are unable to hear what the Spirit of God has to say. 

The next evening, the man was there again; but this time all ears; standing at the back; hands at his side; open; receptive. By the end of the week, he had given his life to Christ. 

And all because of a fly!

And, of course, a man faithful to God's Word. It is amazing what God can do with such a person. Are you one of them, dear reader? God bless you, I believe you are! Why else would you come here every week as you do, to hear from His Holy Word?

Remember those beautiful words in Revelation, spoken to the faithful Christians in Philadelphia (Asia Minor)? 

"I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my Word," says the Lord Jesus, "you have not denied my name." Rev 3:8

Isn't it beautiful? And because of that, the Lord promises to set before them "an open door that no one is able to shut." 

You know? Our church has "but little power". We could hardly attach the word "mega" to our name! But—oh!—what a "door" He has opened for us! It's a door that no one is able to shut.  

Stay true to that calling dear faithful OT! (It's not getting any easier, is it?) Keep His Word! Hold on to His Name, and never, ever be ashamed to proclaim it!  

And you too will see God do wonderful things! 

This Dear House of God
Who? Me?