The God Who Waits

I have no idea why, and I have tried to conceal it as best I can over the years, but the truth of it is that I am easy prey to romance of almost every kind and (dare I say it?) even chick-flick stuff. Surely it can't be a 'feminine side'; Sharilyn insists that I have no such thing, and that's perfectly fine with me. 

But, once again, here I am, making it known that I love one of the episodes in Dini Mueffling's great little book, The 50 Most Romantic Things Ever Done.

It's the one about the man and the woman who exchanged glances on an airline flight and fell instantly in love with each other. (I know, I know, that can't really happen...don't go ruining things for us now!)

They spotted each other on the morning shuttle from New York-to-DC. Hearts raced! Sparks flew! But, no words were exchanged, not even as they stood together in the taxi line at Washington National Airport. After all, there is such a thing as "decorum" you know, and "modesty" and all that stuff.

So she got into her cab and sped away.

But...something made her look back and when she did...

...she saw him running down the sidewalk after her!

 She begged the cabbie to stop, but he was already in the fast lane and couldn't get back over. In desperation, she pulled out a scrap of paper and frantically tried to scrawl down her phone number in large block numbers, hoping to put it to the glass for him to see, but that, of course, took too much time and by the time she got it written out, the moment was gone and so was he!

She went on to her meeting, but she didn't do well. She just couldn't stop thinking about that man! 

As soon as the meeting was over, she called in sick for the rest of the day (and I do believe she was!). She raced back to the airport and just sat there in the terminal where the man would have to come to catch one of the many shuttles back to New York sometime later in the day. 

She waited there...

...and waited...

She waited all day long and finally gave up. She boarded the last shuttle for New York: the 9 PM. All alone. 

In New York, dejected, she got off her flight, and stepped into the gate area where—all of a sudden—there he was! Standing right in front of her, determinedly guarding the only exit for passengers coming in from the DC shuttle. 

"What took you so long," she heard him say. "I've been waiting here all day". 

According to the author, the two are now happily married, and have two beautiful children,

I am writing this to anyone who does not yet know Christ. I know this publication is intended mainly for Christians, but some, perhaps, might pick it up who have never known the love of Christ; have never given their lives to Christ, who have long since taken the shuttle home, thinking perhaps that God doesn't care, and couldn't care.

Is that describing you, dear one? Oh, then I want so badly to say this to you: that if ever you should turn around and step away from whatever 'flight' you've chosen to take, you will find yourself face-to-face with the One who loves you and gave Himself up for you. And you are going to hear him say: "What took you so long? I've been waiting here all this time!" 

The love of God doesn't stop, just because we turn from Him. His is a "steadfast love" that "never ceases", remember? (Lamentations 3:22"His mercies never come to an end," even when our mercies do. His wonderful patient love for you is personally carved into your DNA. It activates every breath you take, times every beat of your pulse, routes every beautiful synapse to help you think and feel! Can you seriously argue that He does not care? Why, the very fact that you live is proof of the love of God for you!

And in the long months and years of your absence from Him, what has He been doing? Waiting! Watching! Determinedly guarding the path of your return! He is the God who waits for as long as it takes. We read about this in Isaiah 65: 

"All day long I have stretched forth my hands to those who rebel against me." 

Is 65:2

Just like that father whom the prodigal found waiting, and watching when he returned! 

So, get started dear ones; what's taking you so long? 

See you Sunday                                             RAS

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