The Real Lincoln Bible


      I read something interesting about the Lincoln Bible. I'm talking about the Bible used for his inauguration, which was just loaned to him by a Supreme Court clerk—did you know?—when the Bible he loved-and all his personal belongings, actually—were delayed during the move to Washington.

     It was originally his mother's Bible. She used to read to him from it every day, back in the days of the one-room log cabin. She would pick verses and sometimes whole passages from that Bible for him to memorize every week. When Lincoln finally left his home at Pigeon Creek to strike out on his own, that Bible was the only possession he took. 

    Which tells you a lot, don't you think? But what I read about that Bible came from a minister of the well—known New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington DC, where Lincoln used to worship during his turbulent days in office. Somehow the church had inherited that Bible and when the church's new pas-tor—Rev. Joseph R. Sizoo—arrived to begin his new ministry, he was given a tour of the place and that's when he came across the family Bible of Abraham Lincoln. 

  Sizoo was the immediate predecessor of Peter Marshall, by the way; but he picked up that Bible and just held it reverently in his hands for a moment. Then: "Book in my hand, I wondered just where it might fall open. And when I let it do so, it opened to a page that was thumb—marked and worn and that must have been read hundreds of times." 

   It was the 37th Psalm, with those incomparable words about trusting in God and opposing the evils of our world: 

"Fret not thyself because of evil-doers or be envious against the workers of iniquity ... Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him. "  Ps37:1,7

   There you go! No wonder our nation has been blessed by this man! You know? A nation will always be blessed when it puts its trust in the Lord to the exclusion of everything else. 

   "Put not your trust in princes" we read a little bit later in the Psalms. (Ps 146: 8) And that's certainly good advice for us today. 

   Back in the earliest days of the Reformation, when the great John Huss was making that journey to the Council of Constance to defend his Christian faith, two of Europe's most powerful rulers gave him their word that he would be safe. The King of ltaly and the King of Bohemia both promised Huss safe transport and safe haven from the forces that were rising up against him. But nothing ever came of their pompous flowery promises: Huss was arrested and martyred at the stake! 

   Thomas Wentworth was a staunch defender of England's King Charles and often spoke out against Parliament on his behalf. And they say that he carried a document, personally signed by King Charles I, which read: "Upon the word of a king, you shall not suffer in life, honor or fortune." But when controversy concerning Wentworth finally reached the boiling point- get this!—it was that same Charles I, who signed his death warrant! "Put not your trust in princes" were Wentworth's final words, and he had certainly learned that Scripture well! 

   I've noticed this and I wonder if you have too—that it is oftentimes the most sophisticated people and the most educated people who make the most foolish decision. They turn their backs on the God who loves them and put their trust in Man! 

   That it's a violation of everything our grandparents believed, I can tell you that. And its a violation of everything our nation used to be. 

    Listen! There is no government...there is no party ... or politician that can save this country from its woes! Christ alone is this nation's only hope! Don't forget that, dear faithful ones! 

   Keep placing your trust in the Lord God of Heaven. Do not be troubled or intimidated by the evil of our times. Your Heavenly Father knows what He's doing and nothing is taking Him by surprise. In the face of great trials and great opposition, He will always be with you, to comfort you and see you through. 

   By the way, do you know what the 'middle 

verse' in the Bible is? Did you even know there was a 'middle verse' in the Bible? Well, there is. I don't know who had the time to do this sort of thing, but someone has counted all the verses in the Bible just so they could see which verse was truly 'central'. Are you ready for this? It's Psalm 118: 8 

"It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man." 

Wow! Talk about the 'central' point! 


God bless you as you put your trust in Him.


See you Sunday. RAS

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