The Summer

Fall weather is setting in; we're finally closing windows at night; fans and air conditioners have spun to a halt at last,  and it has me thinking about the Summer that is behind us. 

And all I can say on that subject is: "Wow!"  What an incredible summer it has been! 

You know?—we began this year with the desire to put a greater emphasis on the Great Commission: "Go and make disciples of all the nations," Jesus commanded, "baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Mt 28:19-20

That is, by the way, the "purpose statement" of every church. I don't understand the popular pressure for churches to adopt another! Let's get this one down! That's my take on it. 

Well, this summer we really made some strides.   Teams from CCOT went out all over the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. One team conducted a summer children's Bible Camp in a very remote region of Nepal (does an 18-hour bus ride over winding mountainous roads sound 'remote' to you?). Dave Johnson and Art Archilla also got to visit our missionary in India on that trip. 

A CCOT team went to help our missionary, Larry Dunne, bringing the message of Christ to the hard-bitten suburbs of Dublin.  

And what about the team that went out to Uganda to encourage Arthur and Lydia Kabugo and the children of Hope Home, an orphanage in Mukono? Did you know that our "Old Towners" hacked out a jungle with machetes and shovels to plant a corn crop? The crop will help keep food on the tables.

To top it all off, Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf. Just a few weeks after the Uganda mission, a team of seven went out to Houston to "muck" houses in the flood zones. 

And then there are the things that happened, right here at home—right here in Orange. That wonderful VBS had 150 kids, all hearing the Good News of our Savior! 

Last week topped it off with that incredible Orange PD Barbecue, in which most of the Police Force sat down to gourmet tri-tip, brisket and everything with it. The event was well planned by Jim and Caroline Reichert this year, but so many of you came out to serve and encourage! God bless you for that! What a tremendous expression of love for our local protectors. Take a look at the letter, by the way, from OPD's Lieutenant Lopez on page 3. 

Do you know what I see in last Summer? The Spirit of God greatly at work! God bless you all, dear faithful OT, for the generous investment of your time and your prayers; your labors and your offerings. 

You know? I see one common denominator in all of this work. Do you see it too? 

It is Dave Johnson! When our Elder Board voted to add "Missions Pastor" to his role, Dave hit the ground running and never looked back. We actually agreed to give him that role because he had already begun to fulfill it. He led the teams to Nepal and India, helped coordinate the work that went out to Ireland. He helped hack down the jungle in Uganda, and a week after he got home, he drove out to Houston. 

What a fabulous Pastor we have in him! Oh, and he smoked and served the tri-tip and brisket too!  This dear faithful church has much to be thankful for, but especially for him! 

See you Sunday! RAS



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