The Trojan Horse and the American Home

Let's face it: the home is under siege in our culture today, and a lot of moms and dads are getting tired of fighting the battle. If you are not one of them—if you have built a home and are busy defending and protecting it, may God richly bless you for it! Don't stop now. Don't back down. Don't even relax, because you are doing something that our entire civilization will someday thank you for, if it does indeed survive!

One of my favorite stories is Virgil's Aeneid. I know that sounds a little stodgy; it's too bad the book has such a boring title: it could just as easily have been entitled "The Survivors of Troy".  But Aeneas is the main character: a Trojan hero who survived the terrible destruction of his city and who now sails the Mediterranean in search of a new home. 

To me, the very best part of Virgil's work is the story of that Trojan horse. Long after the event has happened, with Troy now in ruins, Aeneas tells his story to an African Queen (Dido), and he explains how the Greeks came up with the ingenious plan of this enormous wooden "horse":


The sides were planked with pine, 

And like an offering made for a safe trip home

Left as a gift to heaven paid. Thus they pretend

But in the horse's hollow side,

Selected numbers of their soldiers hide." 


I love it! I suppose you know the story. The Greeks sail their ships away, as if they are finally heading home, but they actually anchor them behind a nearby island instead. The Trojans, who are so weary of the ten-year siege, and so tired of being alert, of being vigilant, come out of the city gates to find the enemy gone—peace at last!—and this fabulous, enormous horse left behind, just standing there on the beach. 

And they become a little careless! A little too eager to believe the best.  One old wizened Trojan tries to warn them: "This could be a trick. You'd better be careful."

But they are tired of being careful! That's the whole problem. It's so much easier, so much more attractive to think that peace has come and that everything's fine. 

So, they pull the massive horse up over their walls—the thing is too big to go through the gates!—and park it in the city square. 

Late that night, after everyone in Troy is completely unconscious from all the feasting and drinking and celebrating...

...the belly falls open on that horse in the square! One by one, the Greeks slide down on ropes. They open the city gates to let in...well...Homer estimated an army of 100,000. Thus the downfall of the Trojan's 'home'. 

You know? The most compelling explanation for the moral and spiritual ruin all around us today is that America has opened its homes to a Trojan horse! 

Consider this startling statistic: over the last fifty years, the number of households headed by unmarried partners has increased by over a thousand percent! Think of the spiritual cost of this: what kind of moral authority could those parents ever have with their kids? 

Over a third of all babies born in our country are now born without a dad. 

Our televisions pour forth a constant barrage of ungodly, unholy and unhealthy fare. At the click of a mouse, the internet invades! Our children pick up on the horrors of the newscast with parents too busy or too distracted to shield them. 

Husbands and fathers lose their courage; become passive, compliant, indulgent with their kids.  Men, you are the protectors, and that home is your 'Troy'! Stand up, speak out and, for goodness' sake, spank!

Wives and mothers cast off their dignity and their grace and, along with it, the spiritual atmosphere of the home. Yes, men are the 'fighters', and we need plenty of them, but women are the 'refiners' and, Moms, that means you! You should expect your home to be free of vulgar, profane, unholy and impure things. Your job is to make that home a safe, nurturing environment for your kids and for your husband. God will greatly bless you if you do.

How about children left to themselves? Oh, talk about a prelude to ruin! Talk about the fall of Troy! 

"A child left to himself disgraces his mother," we read in the Scriptures.  Prov 29: 15

"Train up a child in the way he should go,"  we are also told, "and when he is old he will not depart from it."  Prov. 22:6  But none of that happens to the child left alone! 

Here's the good news, dear ones. God loves your home! He is extremely interested in the welfare of your family. All through the Scriptures, we see God's esteem for the 'family' and the 'home': 

"He sets the lonely in families..." we read. Ps 68:6

One of the most important requirements for a leader in the church is that he does well with his own family. 1 Tim 3:4-5

In fact, so highly does God esteem the home, that he likens all of the Redeemed to His 'family'!  He is: "...the Father from whom His whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name."  Eph 3:15

Are you ready to defend your Troy? Then you must heed the advice of Nehemiah 4:14

1. "Do not be afraid of them".  Never let the evil cultural forces of our day intimidate or even frighten you! 

2. "Remember the Lord who is great and awesome..."  Live only to please Him. He will protect you.

3. "...and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters your wives and your homes."  You do this with passionate prayer, honest self-examination, loving communication, wise and courageous choices.



God bless you, dear Trojan.     Cya Sunday!   RAS

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