West Africa Update

“Jesus answered her, 'If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, ‘Give me a drink,’ you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water.'” (John 4:10ESV) 

My prayer as a shepherd is to see the Sunday teaching, the unity in the Spirit, and the love for one another leave the four walls of 221 N Waverly St and go out into the community and even the world! And that is exactly what is happening! You truly are a “letter from Christ”! Our missionaries are feeling so encouraged and supported by you. Here are a few of those statements: 

“We are most humbled, and we so appreciate seeing you behind us in such a tangible way! You are an integral part of this ministry and share the responsibility of souls both hearing and responding to the Gospel! We cannot express enough the joy felt over here…!” - Larry & Kathy Dunne, Ireland 

“We…want to express our sincere thanks to each of you for your love, prayers, and support for the work of the Lord here. We wouldn’t have been able to do what we are doing without your support. All the staff and students send their love and greetings.” - Southern India Bible School 

“On behalf of the ministry and my family, we want to express our full heart gratitude to the Lord God Almighty the Father of Our Savior Jesus Christ for His amazing deeds in us both as we go and for you as senders. We are also thankful for your great love and support which is enabling us to do the what we are doing here. We thank you for your love to us as a family and being always ready to listen to us and to check on us, what a comfort you are. We thank you for your daily prayers to us and for your humble but noble donations to us. We thank you for being the obedience children that our Father in Heaven is using.” - DIDA, West Africa 

The Mission Board of Calvary is so excited to share with you the beginning of a new project in West Africa! The last time DIDA was visiting he shared with us a desire to build three solar-powered wells in strategic communities. These wells, Lord willing, would accomplish a few things. First, they would provide free water for the community and minimal costs for watering herds. Second, and most important, the wells give a greater foothold in the communities for sharing the Gospel. DIDA said, “In my country there is a saying, ‘Whoever gives water gives life.’ Giving water to communities gives great respect and opens hearts to those who provide it.” Third, it will provide support for more missionaries. In West Africa, it is normal practice to pay a fee to water herds. The plan is to charge a much smaller fee for herds and in so doing it will sustain well maintenance and support more missionaries in West Africa. 

At the beginning of the year, we received a donation for $5,000 to put toward West Africa. I believe this gift was a confirmation of our prayers and that it was time to move forward.

So, I asked DIDA which well he would choose to start with. He chose the least expensive one at $15,000 for which we have already received a third of the funds! This well will be built on the land of an already existing Bible school where DIDA is also an instructor. He said, “The first has less income to provide but with greater Kingdom opportunities. One, we are giving water and light to the Church Planting and Pastors in the making, so when they graduate we'll make more use of them in planting churches among Muslims communities in West Africa. It is also providing water for all the Muslims in that area, which is one of greatest ways to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” DIDA also shared that he has found a Christian brother who digs and installs many of these wells for the UN. The brother said, “Because this well is being used for the Kingdom he will not profit from it and will help the community maintain it in the future.”Praise the LORD! Last week our mission board unanimously decided to move forward with this first well. We have wired some of the money ahead to start purchasing the materials. DIDA is planning for the first well will to be completed by the end of February. Lord willing, at the beginning of March, I will be traveling to West Africa (please pray for my visa approval). While there, we will be traveling to this well to dedicate it for God’s glory and to share the Gospel message with many of the muslims in this community! Please pray for these plans and the Lord’s provision as we move forward! If you would like to contribute to the well project, please put “West Africa” in the memo portion of your check or online under category “missions”, select “West Africa”. 


In His service, David Johnson 

CCOT's 'Samaritan' Ministers