Without Excuse?


I love the wonderful story of Johannes Kepler, the legendary German astronomer and mathematician, now known to us as one of the early fathers of modern science. He was also a wonderful Christian and made no apologies about it. "I am only thinking God's thoughts after him," he once proclaimed when someone praised him for his discoveries. He would never think of taking any glory for himself! 

Kepler had a close friend who was a very staunch atheist. He vehemently denied the existence of God and often made fun of Kepler for believing in a Divine Creation. His view of the universe was the one that still prevails in our little intellectual asylums today: that this universe, and all that is in it, just came into being by itself. 

One day the friend came to visit Kepler in his laboratory and he was instantly drawn to a beautiful model of the solar system, sitting on his desk. The thing was a veritable marvel to behold: exquisitely carved planets in perfect size and proportion all intricately moving around a sun in the center. "Oh, where did you get this?" said the man with delight. "How beautiful it is! Who made it, may I ask?" 

Kepler was just about to acknowledge that he had made it when he suddenly spotted an opportunity. He straightened up and announced to the man: "Why, no one made it, of course. It just made itself." 

"What?" said the friend, with a scoff on his face. 

"Yes," the old scientist insisted: "It just assembled itself on my desk here one day." 

"Oh, that's preposterous!" bellowed the friend. "Enough of this foolishness! Tell me who made it. I'd love to own one!" 

And that's when Kepler pounced with a smile: "'Foolishness' my friend? Is that what you call it? Are those your very own words?" 

And with that, the friend finally got the point! 

I love it! And—man!—is it ever true! It is "the fool", we read in the Scriptures, "who says in his heart: 'there is no God.'" (Ps 14:1) 

The Bible tells us that all of Mankind should know already that there is a God! In fact, the evidence is so overwhelming that men are literally "without excuse". 

Have you pondered this fact, dear reader?; this incredible fact that we all are "without excuse: that everyone should know there is a God? I'd like to explore that with you. Where is this overwhelming evidence of the existence of God to be found? Let's take a look. 

The very first proof is the most powerful one of all... 

1. The 'proof' of God's existence is found in the works of God. 

This, of course, was Kepler's point with his friend. Any time you encounter something 'designed', you must reckon with the point that there must be a Designer.  Only that 'fool' in Psalm 14 would fail to get that point. 

You, dear skeptic (if you are still reading this) are actually a living, breathing proof of the existence of the very God you deny! His awesome design is stamped in your DNA! It is His wonderful sustaining power that generates every breath and every pulse and every synapse that fires in your brain, none of which is something that you could ever author or design! The ironic thing about the skeptic is that he so desperately depends upon those very things of God to think, breathe and speak forth his skeptical argument! 

This is also the point of Romans 1. Skeptics of the existence of God actually "repress the Truth by their wickedness," we read. Paul goes on to explain how so: 

"Because that which may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the Creation of the world, God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse! " 

Rom 1: 18-20 

"Being understood from what has been made...". There it is! The proof of God's existence—the best proof; the most irrefutable proof!—is all around us in the 'works of God': the things that He has made! 

But...there's more proof than that! Let's catch it next week. 

Hey! Thanks for that awesome singing last Sunday! 

See you next! RAS 

Without Excuse? (PART 2)
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