Your Lifeboat! Get In!

I've read shocking things about the sinking of the Titanic; I wonder if you have as well. When the celebrated "Unsinkable" suddenly went down—"Why, not even God Himself could sink this ship"  was how one employee of the White Star Line had put it; did you know?—but when it went down into the icy waters of the Atlantic, it took 1,527 people along with it.

Did you know, for example, that there were only 20 lifeboats onboard the great ship when there should have been 32? Someone had decided that the third deck would be "too cluttered with all those boats"! 

Besides, it was "unsinkable", remember?

Such hubris is only the beginning of this great tragedy. Consider this: among the twenty lifeboats that finally did get lowered, only a few were filled to legal capacity! Can you imagine? Many of them were only half full. 

For instance: the first one to be lowered—lifeboat #7—had room for 65 people, but only 28 were on board when it pushed off from the sinking ship. Boat #5 left with 24 spaces unfilled. Lifeboat #9 left with 26 out of 65 places unfilled. Lifeboat #1 could accommodate 40 people, but left the Titanic with only 12! 

In the end, it was determined that only 40% of the lifeboat space had been used; virtually abandoning the over 1500 people who so desperately needed to get on board.  

In the ensuing months, investigators tried to determine why this had happened. They uncovered two startling reasons: 

1.) Many of the Titanic crew members mistakenly insisted that filling the lifeboats to their full "sea capacity" might cause the boats to break in two during the lowering process. So they lowered early to avoid that possibility. Once the half-empty boats hit the surface of the water, panic set in with the demand to just forget everyone else and  "push off" at once. 

2.) Some of the passengers just refused to get into the lifeboats: they took too long to be convinced that the need was urgent, that the ship was indeed going down. After all, they'd heard the word "unsinkable" too!

Of the 2,240 "souls on board" (passengers and crew) only 713 survived!  

I have been thinking about the Titanic for weeks now because the similarities are just too striking. 

First what foolish hubris we are guilty of. How 'invincible', 'unsinkable', we all thought we were! How quick to ignore every warning, and dismiss every sign as we flouted God's law and banished His word and perverted His institutions! How could we not know that we would one day be in trouble?  

And then how easily panicked and deceived! 

On the freeway, all the way home, the illuminated CalTrans signs still spiel forth the latest government propaganda: "Stay at home! Defeat Covid! Save lives!" to the 41 million people who have lost the very livelihoods that enable them to survive! 

Our rulers keep talking about 'science' and 'data' and 'the greater good' while fear and anxiety and isolation take such a terrible toll on our children, our families, and the populace at large. We tamely allow the media and our government to vilify any individual who might still cherish his civil liberties: they are enemies of the 'common good'. Our population divides over this; our government encourages 'snitching'; each side turns against the other. And we are doing an Evil One's bidding when we do. Sadly, it happens even in the church.

The news media splashes the latest headline and another tsunami of fear arrives! Just last week, with exclamation points, one headline read: "California death toll now 3,750!" No one, of course, took the time to reveal that that figure represents nine ten-thousands of one percent of the population (.000093)! 

Last week, sadly, Sharilyn listened to a neighbor say: "This has all been good for us actually: we weren't supposed to be hugging and hand-shaking anyway." 

Wow! Personal survival and alienation is now America's gospel.

Don't be surprised. The Bible warns of a "strong delusion" that shall come upon the whole world because "they did not love the Truth or take delight in righteousness."  2 Thes 2:10-11 

But listen, dear family! We're not supposed to be living this way! Christians are told to 'go', not 'stay home'.  'Go forth' and 'proclaim' not 'shelter in place'! Everything we're being told to do is diametrically opposed to what a Christian is supposed to do! Last week, the Governor directed all worshippers "not to sing" or "recite". 

The truth is this: this world one day will go down. It was never 'unsinkable' anyway. Perhaps it is already happening. But praise God! Your Lifeboat has come! Jesus Christ, your Savior and Redeemer! 

And you must get in! While you still can!    

See you Sunday!                            RAS


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